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Brown Dense Formation Maps - Arkansas - Louisiana

The Brown Dense Shale is a tight formation which is part of the Smackover Brown Dense.  The Brown Dense Formation is located below the Upper and Middle Smackover Trends and is the target zone for a new oil discovery in Arkansas and Louisiana.  Southwestern Energy (SWN) extensively reviewed the Brown Dense across the region and has indications that the right mix of reservoir depth, thickness, porosity, matrix permeability, sealing formations, thermal maturity and oil characteristics are found in the area of Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana. This region of Arkansas and Louisiana has produced oil and gas from the Upper Smackover since the 1920s. The Brown Dense formation is the source rock for these Upper Smackover fields. It has the critical properties necessary to be a successful play and compares favorably to other productive oil plays in the United States. However, it has never been exploited with horizontal drilling technology until now 

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